WATER- A basic guide for how much water you need  drink is simple:  divide your weight in half and consume that many ounces of water each day.

Water is essential to good health!  Imagine a car without oil!  What would happen?  Chances are it would not run.  This is the same with water in our bodies.  When we do not sufficiently replace our water we are asking our bodies to work alone.  We are placing an increased stress on the workload of each system. 

What does water do for us?  

Cushions our bones and joints

Absorbs shocks to our joints and organs

Regulates our body temperature

Flushes toxins from our bodies

Removes wastes from our bodies

Improves oxygen delivery to our cells

Empowers our bodies natural healing process

Naturally suppresses our appetites

Helps maintain a high metabolic rate

There are many more however ultimately water increases the livers main functions of detoxification and metabolism to process more fat, so it is a catalyst for increasing fat burning

Keep in mind to check your urine daily-making sure it is crystal clear; if your urine is dark and there is not much of it, you are most likely dehydrated.  

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