It was late one Thursday night and my youngest son and I were home alone. 

The sound we heard was not good – it was either an intruder or someone had just fallen down the stairs. 

It turns out that the someone was actually Stormy, our eleven year old full-blooded collie. 

Poor Stormy had fallen down a long flight of stairs, and from there was unable to move.  Her back legs were not working and we were very concerned of a break. We knew that she needed to be checked out by the emergency vet on call right away.

Well, any of you with pets know how this story goes! Basically, $485 later they proceeded to tell us that her spine was no longer working, and said we could do more tests and an MRI if we’d like. We decided instead to wait until the next day to confirm with our vet (and fellow owner and lover of collies). Unfortunately, confirm is indeed what he did. He told my husband that we had to face the hard decision of letting our Stormy go. 

Friends, my husband adores this dog – she is her baby girl!  You know how animals seem to bond with one member of the family? Stormy loves everyone but she just has that special connection with my husband. As the next few days proceeded, I watched my husband try to wrap his brain around this and come to terms with the end of this chapter…although in the back of my brain I was thinking that there had to be another way.

I knew there was a woman in doTERRA (my essential oil company) that had used natural remedies to help save the lives of many dogs and animals that were going to be euthanized.

I just had to find her! 

With the help of a friend I located and emailed this woman. By now it was two weeks after the fall and the diagnosis – two weeks of carrying Stormy in and out to go to the bathroom – two weeks of seeing her helpless, lying there unable to move. 

Well to my surprise, this amazing woman called me the very next day!

She gave me an essential oil protocol to start using on Stormy, and I immediately began using Frankincense for cellular inflammation and Marjoram for muscular inflammation. I placed these two oils along her spine three times a day and then diffused it in the air by her bed.

She also told met to add xEO Mega (doTERRA’s omega 3 vitamin) to lubricate her spine, as well as DDR Prime (a blend of Frankincense, Wild Orange, Lemongrass, Thyme, Clove, and Niaouli) twice a day. As our bodies age, cellular response and renewal can slow or be compromised by oxidative damage to cellular DNA. The essential oils in DDR Prime provide antioxidant protection and support a healthy response to cellular stressors.

This woman was VERY knowledgeable, and she told me to sit back and watch.

I remember thinking to myself, God is at work! 

In the next hours the house smelled quite wonderful with Frankincense and Marjoram diffusing!  We had no real expectations, just a thought of hope. I can’t help but feel overwhelmed as I write this, but within 24 hours of starting this essential oil protocol, our Stormy began to walk! 

And she hasn’t stopped.

Now, here we are months later, I know it was God’s hand. Although I love my oils and use them daily, I’m sure that He was reminding my family to be aware of the power of these oils and supplements, and to keep sharing them with others! 

It’s likely that some of you are sitting there still very skeptical… possibly thinking, “Oh essential oils… thats just not for me.” I just want you to know I was there once too! I guarantee that there will come a day (most likely a night) that you wish you had an oil or two to use because you’ve tried everything and there are no other options.

I’d love to get you educated BEFORE that happens!

Click here to see my list of essential oil classes.

All my best,


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