What can a Health Coach do for you?

My #1 FAQ: What is health coaching, exactly?  

Often referred to as wellness coaching, it is a process that facilitates healthy, sustainable behavior change by challenging you to:

  1. Listen to your inner wisdom,
  2. Identify your values, and
  3. Transform your goals into action!  ​​

It might sound a little bit like work – but it’s also enjoyable, satisfying and rewarding.  

As your Health Coach, I truly feel like I have the best job ever.

There is nothing more satisfying than helping a client transform their health into what they envisioned it should be all along.

I was raised in a world with western medicine, but since I had breast cancer in 2013, I have looked more carefully at what I do to my body. Lisa has carried me along with her in her passion for holistic options, but she also realizes that western medicine has its place in this world.

Lisa is so thorough – she does all the research for me! She continues to dig into my lifestyle, eating habits, essential oil usage and more. She collects helpful information, and presents it to me in a way that I understand. I am blessed to have her to walk through life with me. I value her both personally and professionally.

Renee J.

About the Living Essential Approach…

Step 1: Enlighten


Many factors contribute to overall wellness as it relates to mind, body, and spirit.

Factors vary from each individual as we are each are  uniquely different.  While not comprehensive, several of these factors include: height, weight, genetic make-up, nutrition, lifestyle choices, and toxic load.

We will explore these areas gradually to unfold the history of your health.

Step 2: Educate


You’ll learn a new way of thinking that marries the best aspects of both western medicine and alternative medicine.

This is a process that requires understanding and learning. 

Although unfamiliar, not new . . . although different, not difficult.

If you are open to  change, this beautiful process will come very naturally.

Step 3: Empower


During the health coaching process, you’ll gain:

(1) the skillset to establish realistic goals,
(2) the momentum to follow through with these goals, and
(3) unique and obtainable steps to improving yourself from this day forward.

Leave all judgment aside and never look back as you continue to improve your total health.

What will happen during a coaching session?  

During our initial session, we’ll review your health history and background information, including: medications, blood work (if available), past surgeries, treatments, practitioners seen, supplements taken, lifestyle, and diet.

In each session thereafter, we’ll dive deeper into your individual health challenges and create actionable goals to facilitate healthy, sustainable change.

Pricing & Packages

Individual Session

(Full Price)
  • One (1) 50-minute Telephone or Skype Session with Lisa.

Five Session Package

(Savings of $50)
  • Five (5) 50-minute Telephone or Skype Sessions with Lisa.

Ten Session Package

(Savings of $125)
  • Ten (10) 50-minute Telephone or Skype Sessions with Lisa.

Not sure how many sessions you need?

Let Me Help You Decide

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